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A home for North East startups

Based in Newcastle upon Tyne, Campus North is recognised as one of the best co-working and event spaces for tech meetups, startups and established businesses in Europe


Weekly events, conferences, hot-desking and everything inbetween

We're home to Ignite, the UK's leading angel-led accelerator programme for ambitious digital startups.

We're diverse - offering hot-desking, co-working, meeting and teaching space every day and hosting weekly events, from business conferences to coding classes for kids and everything inbetween.

Community comes first with Campus North

We're independent - funded entirely by our members and through sponsorship from small, medium and large businesses, with no public funding or grants.

Community comes first! We're all about supporting, promoting and accelerating digital entrepreneurship in the North East by putting the needs of the tech community at the heart of everything that we do.

What do people think of us?

People love to work with Campus North and here's why...

Our Partners

Several of our partners are based in Newcastle and the UK; others stretch around the world. All are committed to supporting the vision of early-stage technology startups.

Book a tour or just come for a cuppa

We'd love to show you around the campus and discuss exactly what it is you need.